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Nice weather is here and so are fleas, ticks and other harmful parasites. Seeing as how we have had such a mild winter, we expect to experience the same kind of seasons in the coming year. Therefore, we highly recommend staying on monthly protection year-round instead of only in the warmer months. Right now Merial® is offering special deals, available through Veterinarians only, that can save you a lot of money and protect your pets year-round.

Click HERE to Order Monthly Preventatives

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Please provide your name, your pet's name and indicate which kind and how much of each preventative you need and whether you would like us to mail it (for a small shipping fee) or whether you plan to pick up your order. We will confirm your order by email*

*Note: In order for us to fill your order your pet MUST be up to date on vaccines, a yearly exam and heartworm test if ordering heartworm preventatives. Additionally, we may only fill enough medication up until your pet's next required visit, vaccinations or blood work test. We reserve the right to deny any requests if we feel it is necessary.

Did you know only two fleas can produce hundreds of eggs and larvae which can lead to major infestations on your pet or in your home? For flea and tick control we recommend Frontline® Plus (for dogs and cats) or Certifect® (for dogs only).

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Buy 3 doses* of Frontline® Plus, Get 1 dose FREE

Buy 3 doses* of Certifect®, Get $5 OFF (through mail-in rebate)

Buy 6 doses* of Certifect®, Get $12 OFF (through mail-in rebate)

Buy 3 doses* of Certifect®, Get 1 dose FREE (on select sizes, while supplies last)

Did you know that just one bite from one mosquito can infect your dog with heartworms, which can lead to deadly heart and lung damage? And all it takes is a single lick of a contaminated pet toy or soil for a dog to contract dangerous intestinal parasites? Staying on year-round prevention is easy with this manufacturer’s coupon:

Buy 12 doses*of Heartgard® Plus, Get $15 back (through mail-in rebate)

For protection against fleas, heartworms, mites and intestinal parasites, we recommend Revolution®, made by Pfizer Animal Health, year-round for outdoor cats. Here are some special deals from the manufacturer:

Buy 6 doses* of Revolution®, Get 2 doses FREE

Buy 9 doses* of Revolution®, Get 3 doses FREE

*Of the same product in the same size at one time

Below you will find some important letters from some of our food distributers...

Nestle Purina Pet Care

January 9, 2013

Nestle Purina PetCare Company to voluntarily withdraw Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brand dog treat products.

The Company is taking this action after learning this week that the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets (NYSDAM) found trace amounts of antibiotic residue in samples of Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch chicken jerky products. These antibiotics are approved for use in poultry in China and other major countries, including European Union member states, but are not among those approved in the U.S. Antibiotics are commonly used globally, including in the United States, when raising animals fit for human consumption. Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch products are safe to feed as directed. However, due to regulatory inconsistencies among countries, the presence of antibiotic residue is technically considered an adulteration in the United States. This finding does not pose a safety risk to pets.


New York State authorities initially requested that the Company remove Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch chicken jerky treats from retail locations in the state of New York, which we have agreed to do. In addition, because of the differences in U.S. and Chinese regulations, Nestlé Purina decided to conduct a nationwide voluntary withdrawal.


"All of us at Waggin' Train care deeply about pets and their owners, and the quality of our products is of the utmost importance," said Nina Leigh Krueger, President, Waggin' Train LLC. "Waggin' Train has served millions of pets and their owners very well. In the final analysis, our Company and our loyal consumers must have total confidence in the products we sell and feed our pets. Once we understand and determine how to comply with the technicalities of different regulatory frameworks, we will work with all appropriate parties to define the best way to supply the market."


Nestlé Purina contacted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding NYSDAM's findings. There is no indication that the trace amounts of antibiotic residue are linked to the FDA's ongoing investigation of chicken jerky products. The trace amounts of antibiotic residue (in the parts-per-billion range) do not pose a health or pet safety risk.


No other Purina treats or pet food products are affected by this withdrawal. In addition, Canyon Creek Ranch dog and cat foods, which are manufactured in the United States, are not included in this withdrawal.


For product refund or more information call our Office of Consumer Affairs at 1-800-982-0704 or go to


Hill' Pet Nutrition, Inc

The makers of Science Diet and Prescription Diet products

February 2013


The Hill's Pet Nutrition Team


Check out our "Creatures" section for an important message about Interceptor and Sentinel.


bullet Our Mission
All Creatures Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing progressive medicine in a caring environment for pets of all species. Through preventative medicine, client education, professional development of our staff, and advanced medical and surgical techniques, we hope to foster a strong and lasting bond with clients and their pets.

bullet Office Hours
Office hours are from 8 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, and 9 am to 1:00 pm Saturday. Please call to schedule an appointment. Drop-off appointments are available for client convenience at no extra charge. See Our Hospital for directions.

bullet Emergencies
After hours, we refer our calls to the Animal Emergency Clinic of Champaign County located on State St south of Kirby Ave their phone number is 217-359-1977. For exotic pets, you can alternately call the University of Illinois Small Animal Clinic  at 333-5300. The emergency clinics can contact our doctors if they need information about one of our patients.

bullet Our Philosophy
Rather than just treating symptoms, we feel it is in a pet’s best interest to seek the source of the problem. To do this, a thorough history and complete physical examination are performed on each patient at every office visit. In addition, laboratory work and further testing is available as needed for a complete evaluation of your pet. Nutrition, husbandry, and TLC are all part of the treatment plan. Preventative medicine is encouraged to help extend the quality and quantity of life. Our extensive medical records track problems and progress of your pet. With this approach, many treatments and procedures can safely provided for pets from Great Danes to canaries.


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